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Progressive Slots are perhaps the most popular types of games online and in land based casinos. There are a lot of reasons why people love to play this type of slot machine, one of them is of course because of the amount of money that can possible be won. Before you start playing you should know a little bit about the game.

First off there are two different types of progressives, the carousel progressives and the area wide progressives. Carousel progressives are within one casino, it is a group of machines that is in the same area of a casino. This type of progressive usually has a lowered jackpot than the area wide but the wins are still amazing. The area wide type is a group of games that is spread over several different casinos hooked up to one jackpot. In both types of these games the jackpot is accumulated in the same way, from each amount of money that is played through the machine a percentage is put towards the overall jackpot, that’s why when you see the numbers scrolling across the machine constantly changing and going up. This is also why when you play an area wide machine the jackpot is considerably bigger, because there are more people to play the machines, which means more money for whoever wins.

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There are a few things that you have to know when you are going to play a Progressive Jackpot game. First of all you CAN play on one of these machines if you are just out to have a good time and not really going for the jackpot but this isn’t recommended, because if you aren’t playing for the jackpot then you are just adding to the amount for the people who are playing for it. So if you are playing to win then you must remember that on 99% of progressive games you have to bet the maximum amount to be eligible to win the jackpot. If you find a machine that you can’t afford to bet the max you should keep looking until you find a denomination that suits you better.

The one type of progressive jackpot that doesn’t require you to bet max is called a random jackpot, and everyone gets a chance to win the jackpot, it is just given at random after a spin. With this type of game there is no set combination of symbols that you have to have to win, its just up to the random number generator (as it is with symbols) who and when they win the jackpot. Progressives are one of the most popular forms of slots because you can win a life changing amount of money with one single spin. Just do your research and find a machine that you like and that you can afford to play and have fun.